Why Do We Lie?

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I’ve noticed that a lot of the kids in my year act different depending on who they’re with. One minute there extremely nice and the next minute their insulting you due to the large size of your nose. Ofcourse, I personally have never ever been insulted during one of these strange outbursts. Anyway, In my mind acting differently around different people is a form of lying. Think about it, your actions are not representing your true self. This prompted me to do some research to figure out why humans lie in this way.

I already realise that these days it’s really hard to fit in. Therefore people are hardly ever themselves. While researching I read an article on the issue. It claimed that we are so worried about what others think about us so we lie about who we are. I tend to agree with this statement. I’m certain that almost everybody has lied to fit in at some stage in their lives. I’ve done it, people have lied to me, I see it everywhere. We lie about who we are, what we do and what we believe. You can make up as many excuses as you want, but in the end, these lies are simply a product of low self-esteem.

In fact, studies have shown that when a persons self-esteem is threatened they immediately start lying more.  The same study also revealed that some people become so caught up in their lies that their minds cannot tell truth from fiction. This truly stresses how frightened we are to be ourselves. Is it possible that our world is so horrible that we can’t even be ourselves anymore? Has lying become so common that we don’t even notice it anymore?

Trust is the building block of all relationships, therefore It’s very sad that society has deteriorated like this. Lies hardly ever turn out good, but we still do it every day. We breach trusts and undermine our friends. Perhaps if we didn’t lie so much we would have stronger and more enjoyable relationships with our peers. Unfortunately, being human, we have a lot of really bad characteristics. 

 I know this post seems boring, all this talk of research and studies. However, the point I wish to make is a simple one. Being an optimist, I believe that once we realise our faults we can also fix them. People need to become aware of what they say to their friends. If your a person that lies because your worried about what others think, you should stop. Often you end up hurting the people you love with your false claims. If you be yourself and our friends don’t like it, well, maybe they were never real friends at all.


Best Friend.

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We walked together under a sky so bright
Sitting by the road, we counted the cars
We walked together through the darkness of night
No lights ahead, we followed the stars

And you told me of the wrongs in your life
And I just frowned with concern
And then you told me of your inner strife
I hoped that the tide would turn

But the raging sea had it’s way
It drowned you in your sorrow
And I guess that fate had it’s say
Or was I just too weak to follow?

And mabye one day you’ll swim to shore
I’ll meet you on the sand
And if ever again you stumble and fall
I’ll catch you where you stand

Life will return to how it used to be
We’ll talk until the sun goes down
And you’ll always be  there next to me
For never again will I let you drown

Changing People.

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People aren’t perfect, that’s for certain. It’s strange that sometimes we love the bad things about our friends just as much as we love the positives. I can only spend 4 hours with my best friend before I go mentally insane. Yes! He’s that annoying. But it just wouldn’t be right if he was any different. What I’m trying to say is that everybody is different, everybody has faults but in the end that’s kind of what makes a person who they are. Unfortunately I have found myself in quite a predicament. Occasionally people have characteristics that we just can’t fall in love with. It doesn’t matter how hard we try. When I notice these unlovable characteristics in a person I would normally try to change them. Recently I have been constantly asking myself whether it is morally correct to attempt to change a person in any way.

Now I’ve had numerous wayward friends in the past, I tried to change them all. Ofcourse I wasn’t looking to make them somebody else, in fact I was certain they had no idea who they were and what they wanted. I wanted to help them find themselves. Unfortunately it has never worked. In my experience the person just pretends they’ve listened to what you’ve said or they just ignore you completely. If you keep trying the whole friendship just falls apart and you haven’t achieved anything. People are who they are because of what has happened to them. So therefore how is somebody else supposed to change a person for the better? Perhaps one can only really change by experiencing life themselves.

And now I have encountered yet another another wayward friend. This time I don’t know what to do. What gives me the right to interfere in anothers affairs? I wonder why we even think it’s acceptable for us to change another in the first place. Is it because in reality we’re all selfish and want everybody to think and act how we think they should ? Or is it because we genuinely care about others? Maybe it’s different for everybody but in the end we have all tried to change people at one point or another. I have come to the conclusion that the ethics of changing another differ depending on the circumstance.

For example, trying to make your gay friend straight is clearly wrong. He surely knows that half the world thinks he should like girls. It would be rather mean to remind him again, he has made his decision and he most likely wants your support. However, lets say that somebody you love goes out and takes a fair few drugs every night. Not only is this affecting his emotional well-being but it also entails physical risks. In this circumstance is it acceptable to try and help the person? even if you try to change them in the process? I stress to you, everybody is different. Do not try and change people because you do not approve of their beliefs. Remember that people are entitled to opinions and free thought. However, If somebody you love needs help, I think you should do your best to aid them. I suppose that occasionally it’s possible that people just don’t know what’s best for them.


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Yesterday I dared to struggle
Today I dare to win
I got thrown out into the ocean
But today I plan to swim

I thought I saw a boat in the distance
But nobody heard my scream
I thought they would come to my rescue
It must have been only a dream

I swam on, but land came no closer
I thought that my life would end
I saw a light on the horizon
And was saved by a long lost friend

And I sometimes wonder where I’d be
Without the Almighty’s plan
He took me from the Jaws of death
And a new life began

And now his love flows through me
With the spirit from above
And I’ll never turn away from Him
For it’s He I’ll always love

Legalise Drugs?

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When I was talking to my good friend today the topic of conversation shifted towards drugs and their impact on society. At first I was somewhat concerned about him, his opinions were extremely radical and, to me, they made no sense. My good friend suggested that many of societies drug related problems could be solved by simply legalising all illegal drugs. I figured that if drugs were legal more people would want to take them. Therefore the amount of drug related issues would increase drastically.

When I expressed my confusion my friend told me of a book he read, a book that totally changed his mind on the issue. The book is called High Society and is by one of my favourite authors, Ben Elton. My friend told me that the aim of this book was to provide evidence that supports the legalisation of illicit drugs. Please note that this does not mean that Ben Elton supports drug-use, in fact, he is dead against it. Anyway, my friend started telling me all of the positives that would come with the legalisation of drugs:

1) Holland legalised drugs a few years back. Studies show that this has not resulted in an increase of drug users, but rather, in less crime. This is due to a loss of income for organised crime groups who no longer have anything to smuggle.

2) Also, legalising drugs would essentially mean that larger companies would take control  of drug manufacturing away from the shady characters who sell them today. These larger companies would be forced to comply with the law, perhaps making drugs safer.

3) Drug use is no longer a criminal offense. You may wonder how on earth that is a good thing. Imagine a lady who is unfortunate enough to get caught taking heroine, there is now a drug use charge on her record. She manages to kick her heroine addiction but she is unable to find employment because of her criminal record. She is therefore is forced to earn a living doing dubious tasks. Would her life be better if she did not receive a criminal record for drug use?

Anyway, you probably get the point but I’m still not convinced. The thought of legalising drugs stirs up trouble in my heart, it just doesn’t feel right. Nonetheless I still look forward to reading this controversial novel. It will be very interesting to see whether It is based on a logical argument. If it is, perhaps it will be able to change my mind.

John Lennon.

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Almost home, he rang the bell
The chime drowned out by an angry yell
Concerned he was to hear such trouble 
Before he turned, he found double

How tragic for one to die so young
For so many songs to remain unsung
He left behind his heart broken lover
And a son he loved like no other

A man of love did die alone
The two bullets easily finding home
He lay still, no life in his breath
A man of peace, such a horrible death

And now he sits in central park
He stays there late, well past dark
He hopes one day that the world will deem
The roots of reality, in his dream



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As many of you know, I was born in Western Australia. My Grandfather, Grandmother and most of my family live in Perth and I haven’t seen them very much since we left. This is why I became extremely elated when my Grandfather called and announced that he and Granna would be in Sydney on my birthday.

My Grandfather is a wonderful man, I honestly believe that without him I wouldn’t be half the person I am now. He taught me the value of learning, the importance of logic and the rewards of motivation. These are some of the most important lessons that I have learnt. Of course these lessons were often difficult to grasp. This is because my grandfather is proficient in numerous languages and consequently switches between them every few sentences. In fact, Grandpa knows so much that his head obviously has trouble sorting it all out. Unfortunately for us he continues to learn and learn. Just last week he complained to me on the phone, he said that after he reads for more than five hours his eyes begin to water.

My Grandmother is also a lovely woman. The lessons she taught me regarded pride,  acceptance and honesty. I’m sure you remember being shown and told a lot of things by adults when you were young.  Honestly, most of the time we had no idea what they were trying to communicate. Still, our small brains managed to conclude that it was something of importance. Now that I’m a bit older I understand why my Grandma used to show me thousands of photo’s of my ancestors. I now know that my Grandma was trying instill in me a sense of pride, a pride of my families achievements.  Apart from the fact that my Granna is a bastion of lifelong knowledge, she makes a pretty mean cake.

Anyway, The point is that I feel blessed that these wonderful people will be with me in the flesh. They have always been in my life and always will be, but it’s really nice that I will be able to see them again in person. I’m already wondering what valuable lessons I’ll learn from them next. I encourage those of you whom see there extended family almost everyday to value and make the most of your time with them. Everybody is made into themselves by their experiences and everybody has different views.  More often than not the wise people in your family can help you to discover yourself.