Wasted Time.

One million grains of sand,
Washed up one the shore
We could stay here forever,
And never count them all

Countless shining stars,
Up there in the sky
We will never find them all,
But still we hope to try

A field of sturdy oaks,
Dancing in the breeze
We could hide ourselves here,
Under a thousand leaves

But one day the grains of sand,
Will be swallowed by the sea
They’ll be carried far away,
And the beach will cease to be

The stars will hide themselves,
The night will be darker still
We’ll hope that they return,
But we know they never will

The trees will start to wither,
And the wind will cease to blow
And everyone will ask themselves:
“Why did we let it go?”


~ by John on September 22, 2009.

One Response to “Wasted Time.”

  1. This is wonderful i have really enjoyed reading all of your thoughts and i would love to have a deep discussion with you at youth group one of these days! IS there anyway i can subscribe to your blog? thank-you for expanding and entertaining my mind
    anneke xoxo

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