Big Exo Day.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend Big Exo Day, a Christian music festival. It was probably one of the best days of my life and was a great opportunity to worship God and catch up with friends. I was very happy to see so many great bands travelling so far just to help young people have fun and embrace Christ. Honestly, the tickets were very cheap and I doubt the bands got paid very much for being there, so good on them!

I arrived at my church at about 1pm with my friend Timmy, who’s lovely mother was kind enough to offer me a lift. From the church we were taken by Pastor Simon to the concerts venue in homebush.  We put on some Flight of the Concords but the radio was not working very well. As Simon attempted to use his natural mechanical skill to repair the radio the car jolted around the road and seemed to leave the lane multiple times. Luckily Simon realised that the radio was beyond repair and decided to put both hands back on the wheel.

After numerous dirty jokes delivered by the charming Lucas and a few sing-a-longs we arrived at Sydney Olympic Park. We met up with our beloved friend Jimmy and after the routine bag-checks we ventured towards the Hip-Hop stage. When we arrived I immediately noticed the wide assortment of people. There were some people right up near the stage, obviously having a great time. Others were further back break dancing or just having a picnic. It was a really awesome atmosphere. Deciding that Hip-Hop wasn’t really our style Lucas declared that we should go to the Hardcore area, we reluctantly followed him. While Lucas danced we laughed at how horrible Hardcore music is. Soon we were fed up. We dragged Lucas out of the mosh and immediately travelled to the Indie stage.

On the way to the Indie stage Rhett thought he saw an actress from Home and Away and decided to catch up to her and ask her if she was famous. After we found out she was not a Home and Away actress we continued on our journey to see Plagiarise at the Indie stage. They were absolutely brilliant, probably my favourite act that day. My friends and I decided to put our arms around each other and sway joyously to the soothing music. After Plagiarise we loitered for a bit before taking our seats in the stadium for the big night concert. Bands such as Reliant K performed brilliantly, but the speech delivered by Reggie Dabbs was by far the highlight of my night.

Basically Reggie talked to us about how, even when things aren’t going to crash hot, God will always be around to help us out.  I can vouch for him, every single word he said was true, I have experienced it myself. These days people tend to ask themselves why God lets their lives turn upside down, sometimes he has a purpose, but most of the time these people expect God to help them despite the fact that they refuse to listen. They don’t realise that God is trying to help but they keep on rejecting him. I encourage people who are struggling at the moment to consider accepting God into their lives. I encourage you to pray and ask  God to help you in your dilemma. As Reggie put it, God is a friend and always has been, he will never leave you. You just need to let Him help you. think of it this way, God can’t help you if you refuse to listen.


~ by John on September 20, 2009.

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