A Mother’s Love.

She would always try to please him
He was never quite impressed
She could never quite appease him
It left her quite depressed

She gazed into the mirror
Examining her face
She listed all her faults
Was she a disgrace?

She stared across the room
Hoping to catch his eye
Her heart became a tomb
When he turned his head aside

She lay upon her bed
Imagining his voice
To him she was nothing
How could she rejoice?

One day when she got home
She recalled all he said
And sitting there alone
She tried to clear her head

However, it was hopeless
She thought that she would die
She felt her heart breaking
And her eyes began to cry

Upon hearing her reaction
Her mother ran upstairs
The best course of action
To show how much she cares

She held her in her arms
And whispered in her ear
“I love you more than anything”
You’re all that I hold dear”

The girl stopped weeping
She forgot about her lover
For no love is greater
Then that shown by your mother

For when the days are dim
She’ll be there to see you through
And when the future looks grim
She’ll never give up on you


~ by John on September 4, 2009.

One Response to “A Mother’s Love.”

  1. This is really nice. This is also true. I am a mother myself, and no love is greater than a mother’s love for her child. About a year ago, I realized this myself with my own mother, that when everyone turns their back on you, the one person who will not, is your mother. Growing up, especially when you’re in your teenage years, you may feel that you’re alone or that your friends and boyfriend/girlfriend are the only ones who love you the most, but eventually you get tired of being alone and friendships dissipate. I believe it is not until either something bad happens or you get older, that you realize your mother is your best friend. Your mother is the one to push you to success and encourage you to do your best. She will always be there to offer her shoulder to cry on.

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