After Work.

I practically danced out of work today, I was so happy to go home. This is when a fun filled afternoon adventure began. As my beloved friend Zach had called me whilst I was working, I decided to drop by his humble abode on the way home. After a few phone calls and some L.A Ice Cola we set of towards my house, on the way we whined about  the stupid people in this world and how worthless they all are.

Finally we arrived at my house, Zach began to stuff his face with cookies while I was getting changed. Just at that moment my Parents and Grandparents arrived home. Because Zach does not know my Grandparents very well he was worried about looking like a thieving delinquent in front of them. He therefore ran upstairs and finished the cookie, leaving a multitude of crumbs on my wonderfully clean carpet.

After this episode, we decided that we would go to the local shops to waste our hard earned money on food that we probably wouldn’t even eat. Upon arrival we noticed the new “Cadbury Freebie” offer. 1 in every 3 bars contained a coupon entitling  it’s owner to a free chocolate bar. When Zach heard this news he became extremely excited and purchased three chocolate bars. On the way out we expressed our excitement to the rather attractive girl manning the register. She thought we were mentally deficient and sent us on our merry way.

Zach became elated and began performing his celebration dance when he discovered that he had won a free bar. This hyperactivity was probably due to the crack cocaine that the lovely folks from L.A Ice Cola now mix into their drinks. But honestly, their was something seriously energising in the Cola that we consumed earlier at Zach’s house. Anyway, after Zach had finished dancing we rushed back into “Coles” and claimed our valuable prize. The nice girl on the register was glad to see us.

After some confusion concerning the “Cadbury Freebie” deal I complained, saying that the issue was time consuming and needed to be rectified immediately. Nonetheless Zach was glad to lay his hands on his prize, a brand new chocolate bar. After all, chocolate tastes better when it’s free, or so they say. Unfortunately we did not win any more free bars. Our spirits crushed, we began walking back to Zach’s house.

When we walked into Zach’s house his father noticed our sombre moods, he began to council us. He told us that everything would be alright and that it wasn’t the end of the world. Due to the fact that Zach’s Dad is normally incapable of showing affection, I was extremely touched by his efforts. It was finally time for me to go home, I walked with Zach half the way and then we said our farewells. It was an extremely interesting day, filled with both joy and disappointment. Nonetheless, despite the turbulent nature of the day, It was still great to catch up with young Zach.


~ by John on July 6, 2009.

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