All the birds keep up high,
In the paradise that we call “sky”
They glide about in gleaming light
And sing amidst the cool of night

But it is “sky” that keeps me from home
Her powerful winds keep me here alone
I sit and think of the shores of Greece
But I know, I’ll never see release

The ocean crashes on the beach below
It brings back memories from long ago
Of swimming and dancing in the sun
Of laughter and joy when the days were fun

But now the ocean is my prison
It struck me down when my spirit had risen
And now I’m left broken and lost
For the ocean can never be crossed

Yet still I take up my makeshift wings
I will soon see what destiny brings
Into the sky, half way there
Now thrown deep, into despair

For sometimes one can soar too high
But it matters not, I had to try
I went higher than my father allowed
But in my death, I will be proud


~ by John on July 3, 2009.

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