Legalise Drugs?

When I was talking to my good friend today the topic of conversation shifted towards drugs and their impact on society. At first I was somewhat concerned about him, his opinions were extremely radical and, to me, they made no sense. My good friend suggested that many of societies drug related problems could be solved by simply legalising all illegal drugs. I figured that if drugs were legal more people would want to take them. Therefore the amount of drug related issues would increase drastically.

When I expressed my confusion my friend told me of a book he read, a book that totally changed his mind on the issue. The book is called High Society and is by one of my favourite authors, Ben Elton. My friend told me that the aim of this book was to provide evidence that supports the legalisation of illicit drugs. Please note that this does not mean that Ben Elton supports drug-use, in fact, he is dead against it. Anyway, my friend started telling me all of the positives that would come with the legalisation of drugs:

1) Holland legalised drugs a few years back. Studies show that this has not resulted in an increase of drug users, but rather, in less crime. This is due to a loss of income for organised crime groups who no longer have anything to smuggle.

2) Also, legalising drugs would essentially mean that larger companies would take control  of drug manufacturing away from the shady characters who sell them today. These larger companies would be forced to comply with the law, perhaps making drugs safer.

3) Drug use is no longer a criminal offense. You may wonder how on earth that is a good thing. Imagine a lady who is unfortunate enough to get caught taking heroine, there is now a drug use charge on her record. She manages to kick her heroine addiction but she is unable to find employment because of her criminal record. She is therefore is forced to earn a living doing dubious tasks. Would her life be better if she did not receive a criminal record for drug use?

Anyway, you probably get the point but I’m still not convinced. The thought of legalising drugs stirs up trouble in my heart, it just doesn’t feel right. Nonetheless I still look forward to reading this controversial novel. It will be very interesting to see whether It is based on a logical argument. If it is, perhaps it will be able to change my mind.


~ by John on June 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Legalise Drugs?”

  1. It’ll just be like the legalisation of cigarettes.
    No matter what they do, drugs will alwyas be around. So like you said you might as well take it out of the back alleys and try and warn, educate and repel people from such substances. Just like what they’re doing with ciggies.
    This would also mean maximum damage control in regards to people ruining their financial life for a hit of this or that and support groups will be more accepting and open.
    Thats just what i think.

  2. Yeh, it’s a really iffy subject, there’s bad things either way.

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