Grey winter is here, like an unwanted guest,
Engulfing the world in haze
As I shiver, I long for the west,
Fond memories set my heart ablaze
Where the frost is destroyed by the ceaseless sun,
The waves move gentle and free
Where time is made quick by the never ending fun,
And the birds all sing in glee

My home, the cheerful girl of wonder,
She dances in her grace
The fields of peace, the ocean of thunder,
Blessed by her embrace
Places that knew of  the warmth and the light,
Upon the charge of noon
Are now plunged into the darkness of night,
Revealing the splendid moon

Home of my heart, of beauty divine,
City of all held dear
To finally end this waiting of mine,
The joy of being so near
A land favoured by the Lord of us all,
By mountain, sea and river
How long has it been? I cannot recall,
But now I’ll be home forever




~ by John on June 22, 2009.

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