Struck Down.

When I set off for work on Saturday morning i felt just fine. Unfortunately, about an hour into my shift I was struck down by migraines, muscle pains and a nasty cough. Before long I felt extremely dizzy and lost all of my coordination. I struggled on for a few more hours but it just got worse. After numerous concerned customers and staff members asked me if I was feeling alright, I decided to call it quits and leave early.

I immediately rang my parents and they told me that I would be collected as soon as possible. I spent 15 minutes waiting outside of the store. I was generously barraged with with secondhand smoke from my glorious ciggarette puffing colleagues. Nonetheless, my mother was true to her word and rescued me before any real harm was done. After my rescue we set off in the direction of the doctors. We arrived at 2pm and about three hot chocolates and two hours sleep later it was finally my turn. I received a prescription for some antibiotics and was sent on my merry way. Upon arriving home I went straight to sleep. I awoke early Sunday morning.

It was on Sunday that I was met with a series of disappointments that left me feeling somewhat bitter. Firstly, I could not attend work, which was unsatisfactory because I get paid more on Sundays. Of course, I was also planning on collecting donations for the 40 hour famine but could not do so. In addition I was unable to make it to my good friends surprise party. I had been really looking forward to the party all week and I was really irritated when I discovered that I couldn’t be there. Finally, I received a call from my good friend Zach later that afternoon. He had finished work and proposed that we get together and hang out. After much bargaining with the parents I was forced to reluctantly decline.

It’s truly amazing how a small outburst of illness can prohibit you from doing so much. I had so many plans for the weekend but they were completely ruined by simple bad luck. So much time was wasted this weekend. I let a lot of people down and I was forced to decline so many opportunities to have fun.


~ by John on June 21, 2009.

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