Inverted World?

These days it seems, to put it simply, that good morals are out of fashion. I’ve recently noticed the many social expectations forced on members of my age group by their peers. It would seem that sexual morality has gone right down the tube and profane words are more common than “hello’s”. 

I went to a friends party not long ago, He’s quite a popular lad and a load of people showed up. I’m no saint, but I faced a very confronting situation and I was genuinly saddened by it. Essentially at this party one was expected to smoke, get drunk, make out with somebody and then pass out. I left.

The events of this party may not sound very important but they really got my thinking about the state of the world. I figured that if children are behaving this way, the world would find itself in a somewhat sombre state within a few years.  I read some newspaper articles: elections had been rigged in Iran, murders were comitted, idolized people had passed away and huge amounts of money were reallocated by the U.S to fund wars in the Middle East. Around the globe humans were comitting acts of violence and deciet. It seemed that good people were dying out, only to be replaced by the immoral.  I honestly asked myself “What’s this life for?”, I felt that the world had been consumed by greed and hate, I failed to see the positives because I was focusing on the negatives.

This is when I prayed, I asked that God to help me see the positive things in the world. He answered. Although some pretty horrible things are done, there is always some good in the world and there always will be, sometimes you just need to look for it. A wise lady once said to me “Everybody has their faults, but we should try focus on the good things.” The same principle applies to our world, although it has it’s fair share of faults, we must do our best to consider and value the actions of generosity and kindness that occur everyday.


~ by John on June 18, 2009.

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